Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kids took the chicks to the library today for show and tell

The chicks made their first trip out in their basket to the library today and behaved like angels. They were very good and didn't fly off and land on the books or create a general mess like I feared;)! The kids took Clarabelle and Copper and they perched on shoulders, allowed people to pet them and were perfect show girls thanks to all the handling the kids have given them. We took the little babies too with a heating pad and they did just fine.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meet Anastasia! (Easter Egger)

This is Orla's FAVORITE bird (although she doesn't like to admit she plays favorites with her babies!) She has BLUE eyes! The softest brown fuzzy fluffy body and looks a bit like a bit like a baby owl (one of Orla's favorite animals). She's very friendly and has a sweet personality. SHe loves to be held and petted. I wonder what color eggs she'll lay!!! Easter Eggers are famous for their blue/green or even pink eggs.

Meet Marie Antoinette (Easter Egger!)

Marie Antoinette is our new Easter Egger from My Pet Chicken. She is very pretty with a lightening bolt stripe on her head and very long little wing feathers. She looks like she might have a bit of welsummer in the mix with her cleopatra eyes. Orla can't wait to see what color eggs she lays!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is Orla's new Jersey Giant. She was bought today at a local sale. Charcoal is a beautiful chick. Orla was tempted to name her "black swan" because that is exactly what she looks like when she extends her neck. Charcoal and her sister have settled in very nicely to their new home. Terra(bird) and Charcoal are getting along really well!

Meet "FLINT"stone!

This is Eoghan's new chick, a Jersey Giant. She is very sweet and quiet. Eoghan picked her out himself from a tailgate sale. She is named after the black rock, Flint.

Meet our new girls, Jersey GIANTS :)!

We went to a local farm/chicken tailgate sale today and found these two girls! They are Jersey Giants and true to their name are already quite large. When they extend those long necks they look like black swans. This was the first time we introduced new chicks to our current flock of red stars. We first got a bigger brooder box, added fresh pine, a larger roosting stick and put them all together in the new box. We added plenty of food and watched. There was a tiny bit of bossing around from Clarabelle over the new girls, but all in all it went really smoothly. I think that's also because they are close in age. The new girls are only about 2 weeks older then our red stars. Now they are all buddies and sleeping under the brooder heat together. I have to say, I love having the variety in the colors/size -- our flock looks more "complete" somehow with the 6 of them together. This photo shows the Giants with their siblings from the tailgate that we bought them at and the other photo shows them in their new home:)